La Figa News

As you may know, my primary photographic project right now is La Figa: Visions of Food and Form, a photographic exploration of food and the human body that I am working on in conjunction with chef Tiberio Simone.  A couple updates on that:

First, I have just put up a brand new site for the project – There are a some new photographs from the series that have not been online yet, and a separate La Figa only email announcement list you can sign up for. However if you are on my photography announcement list you will receive all the La Figa information.

Secondly, we have been talking to the organizers of the Seattle Erotic Art Festival, and we can now confirm that Tiberio and I are going to have a major presence at the 2009 event. This is a very exciting development for us – it is probably the preeminent erotic art festival in the country (at least it comes to the top of a google search for “erotic art festival”).

I am going to post a few highlights from this year’s La Figa shoots to this blog, so keep an eye on the rss feed.

At this point we are cutting down on the shooting and working on putting together a solid book proposal to start sending out. So if you have any good connections to literary agents, please let us know.

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Dalai Lama and Dave Matthews

The first 2008 shoot I am going to blog about is my experience as one of the photographers working for Seeds of Compassion, during the Dalai Lama’s visit to Seattle in April. I shot eight different events over the five days – Dalai Lama events at the University of Washington, Key Arena, Seattle Center, and Qwest Field; the Dave Matthews / Tim Reynolds acoustic concert (with Death Cab for Cutie opening) at Key Arena; and various workshops and events around the Seattle center.

During most of the Dalai Lama events press photographers were generally locked down in one location, which was quite far from the action. I had a 70-200mm lens with a 1.7 extender, on a 1.5 crop sensor, which gave me an effective focal length of just over 500mm, but that was not nearly enough to get much good stuff. The exception was an event at Bagley Wright Theater where we crept down the aisles and got close enough to get some some good head shots of the Dalai Lama. But the fun of hanging out with the other photographers from AP/UPI, Time, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, etc. made up for it.

Photographically, I think my best shots were from the workshops and the general scene on the Seattle Center grounds, where there were no security constraints.

I shot about 2000 frames over the give days, and I have posted a gallery of 123 of my favorites over on my “friends and family” website…

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A New World Record!

Welcome to the first post of my new blog. I am attempting to set a new world record – the longest delay between posting of first personal home page (mine went up in the fall of 1993) and commencement of blogging (fall of 2008). That is fifteen years!

In this blog I plan on mostly talking about photography – both in general, and in particular about various shoots that I do. I will also talk about related technology, and who knows what else. I am going to save my email announcement list for really big announcements, but I will blog whenever I post a public album, so if you want to follow my photographic work, this will be the place to do it. I am going to backfill this blog with links to some of the more interesting shoots I have already done this year, so keep watching this space (i.e. subscribe to the rss feed).

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