La Figa: Ingredients

The La Figa: Visions of Food and Form book is going to involve photographs of the ingredients we use just by themselves, as well as on our models. To that end, we have been doing a lot of food photography lately. These are taken on black plexiglass, with a black velvet backdrop – the real life version of the reflection on black special effect that is starting to become quite prevalent these days, especially in Mac software. Though the reflections are real, there is a lot of Photoshop work on these – when shooting close-up like this, especially with the backlighting I was using, every last microscopic speck on the plexiglass would show up in the images. Despite our best efforts to keep the plexi clean and polished, there was always some amount of particles on it, so I had to photoshop it all out.

Click on the images for larger versions…

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  1. Miriam says:

    My mouth is watering… I really want some raspberries now!!!!!

  2. The stuff is incredibly exciting.

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