Seattle’s Sexiest Physician and Personal Trainer/Stripper

Seattle’s alternative weekly paper, The Stranger, just announced their picks for Seattle’s Sexiest 2010 – the eight sexiest people in Seattle – and remarkably, both of our two cover models from this month’s sex issue of JUST CAUSE Magazine made the grade!  A photo of mine of Lisa – now officially Seattle’s sexiest physician – is featured by The Stranger (the rest of the photos from that set have previously been featured here, and can be found on my Facebook fan page). Gabriel, Seattle’s sexiest personal trainer/stripper is also a good friend of mine, and one of my favorite models to work with.

Here are some bonus photos of two of Seattle’s sexiest people. Click for larger versions…

This month’s JUST CAUSE Magazine cover:


The photo of Lisa that The Stranger selected (see my Facebook Fan Page for more of the photos from this set):


A few of my favorite photos of Gabriel…




And these two, from the La Figa Project



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