Photographer’s Release Forms on the Go

Screen shot 2010-03-26 at 1.10.54 PMmRelease, my newest iPhone app, is now available on the iTunes app store. Designed for filmmakers and photographers, mRelease makes getting releases easier than you ever thought it could be. Appearance Release (a.k.a. Model Release or Talent Release), Property Release, Location Release, and Crew Release are all included.

Once you have entered basic information about your shoot, for each release you just add some quick details about your subject, an image from the built-in camera or photo library, and get a touch-screen signature – it is that easy! The app creates, stores, and emails you a pdf file of the signed release, including the embedded photo of your subject.

If you are a professional filmmaker or photographer, student, hobbyist, or anybody else who needs a release, mRelease is designed to make your life easier so you can focus on creating the content you love.

Get mRelease

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Burning Man iPhone App: Now Free!

Version 1.1 of my coffee table book for the iPhone – Burning Man 2008: A Photo Essay by Matt Freedman has now been released:

  • It includes post Burning Man 2009 updates to the text of my introduction, packing list, and guide to photography at Burning Man.
  • The app has now been gifted to the Burning Man community, and is available as a free download.

Also, if you or somebody you know may be interested in putting out your own coffee table book for the iPhone – either as a free app for promotional purposes, or as a paid app to make money – my platform is available for licensing. See my Monkfish Labs site for more information.

Stay tuned for updates about a Burning Man 2009 iPhone app. There is one coming, but it will be quite different than this one.


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Burning Man 2008: A Photo Essay by Matt Freedman

After 9 months of work shooting and editing images, writing the essays, working with Burning Man on permissions, learning to write iPhone apps, actually developing the application, and dealing with the insanity of the Apple approval process (see this example of what that is like), my first iPhone App is finally available in the iTunes store!!!

Burning Man 2008: A Photo Essay by Matt Freedman
Think of the app as a coffee table book for the iPhone. It contains over 300 extraordinary Burning Man photos, packaged in an easy-to-use full screen photo viewer:

  • View the whole set, or browse by categories (People, Art, Art Cars, The Man, Dust, etc.).
  • Mark photos as favorites, for quick retrieval.
  • Every image has an informative caption, which can be displayed, or left hidden.
  • Slideshow mode, or manual “flick” paging.

In addition to the photographs, you will find essays:

  • A foreword, by Marian Goodell, Burning Man’s Director of Business and Communications, explaining what exactly Burning Man is.
  • An introduction describing my own personal 10 year journey with Burning Man, along with my views on the evolution of the event.
  • My 4000 word Photography at Burning Man how-to guide, which gives you detailed information on how to take better photographs at Burning Man. What gear to bring, how to carry and protect it, when and where to shoot what, and perhaps most importantly, rules and etiquette.
  • My own annotated Burning Man packing list. What to pack for your own visit, and why.

You can visit my site to see sample images, excerpts from the essays, and a complete version of the packing list. Or better yet, go directly to the iTunes App Store and get the app. And if you do get it, PLEASE go back to the app store and enter a numerical rating, and if possible, a brief written review. This is absolutely crucial for its success.

Please share this link with anybody and everybody you know who has an iPhone or iPod touch, and/or an interest in Burning Man (if you could post it to your Facebook newsfeed, twitter, etc. that would be great!)…

Burning Man 2008: A Photo Essay by Matt Freedman has been reviewed and approved by the Burning Man Organization, and a portion of the proceeds from every sale goes back to the organization as a contribution to the community it supports.

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